I would have to be mindful of the seasons in which certain foods can be sold and which would not be in season.


In order to differentiate between the original continent and the world name, I decided to give the continent name Rkespiwath literally meaning “place of the wasteland.”

As for the food, they would grow and thrive in temperate, desert, and montane climates. That also includes the rocky islands that were among the first to be colonized.


Some of the more tropical foods would be grown in Wawalosris, such as mangos and pineapples. There would also be sea life such as shark that would be prepared into dishes. They are not typically popular throughout the Mesvris Empire, though they are pickled and brought by merchants whenever they travel throughout the Empire.


This is the largest continent, so it would make sense that a lot of dishes would be made there. Like Rkespiwath, it would have a variety of climates to provide a variety of dishes.


While eastern Ridithep is more temperate, the west is considered rocky. As such, there is transportation of goods from the east to the west by merchants and fishermen.


Considering how these are rocky islands, it would make sense that there would not be an abundance of land animals or fruits available for cuisine. Azeda dishes would therefore involve the kelp and the sea life such as seals for food.


As expected, the rocky island city Lvivipiniv lives up to its name, by providing birds as a major cuisine. Of course, they are only offered during the season when they migrate to Lvivipiniv during the winter.


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