Ever since the advent of cottagecore, solarpunk, and dark academia, the topic of aesthetics has been in the center of growing popularity on the internet. There are even randomizers that make use of aesthetics in case you are struggling.

What Are These Forms Of Aesthetics?

From what I have found with two known aesthetic generators, there are actually various types of aesthetics beyond punk, core, and academia. I have used the explanations for each of the forms from one of the randomizers to get an idea of what each form is about.

  • Academia: aesthetic within an academic setting; passion for learning about the theme, using the theme to shape your perspective and philosophy.
  • Aesthetic: broad category encapsulating core, punk, and all else. Since Aesthetics would be the overarching form in the teleological sense, it would mean that for every gap in the lower-level forms, they would be filled by the main Aesthetic.
  • Architecture: this form deals with the buildings and their shapes and forms.
  • Core: aesthetics/lifestyle; “embolden”, “uplift”, or otherwise bring attention to overall aspects of the theme.
  • Farmer: the traditional form that prioritizes rural setting, tractors and machinery, and farm animals.
  • Futurism: speculative futuristic substance; idealizing the future using the theme, whether or not it’s accurate or realistic.
  • Grunge: cynical, “edgy” expression of the theme, anti-consumerism, dissatisfaction with the world.
  • Love: avid affection or love; expressed by love and appreciation towards the theme. (NOTE: Because the randomizer used a less flattering variant of the word love, I am instead going to replace it with love)
  • Minimalist: simple yet profound symbolisms; takes the simplest definitions of the theme.
  • Pop: positive, enthusiastic reflections of the theme; the theme stands out (pops) and is explored loudly and visibly.
  • Punk: technology/DIY ethics; themes of rebellion against the status quo and progress to a certain future involving the theme. This form could interlap with futurism, though futurism would probably involve close seclusion, whereas punk implies a more relevant form of the future that is shared by everyone.
  • Style: the form that is focused on fashion.
  • Surreal: the form that deals with the abstract and can be described as distorted, fantasy, nonsense, weird.
  • Tech: engineering/technological innovation involving the theme. This would overlap with futurism, with the major difference being that futurism deals with technology yet to be created, while tech involves the technology already available in the present timeline.
  • Wave: this form deals with the surreal and nostalgic, typically expressed through music.

A better way of putting the explanations and differences into simpler terms is to use analogies with worldbuilding. If you ever seek to incorporate aesthetics, such as -punks and -cores, then it would be best to understand how each type of aesthetic would help apply:

  • Academia: A World’s Seminary
  • Aesthetic: A World’s World
  • Architecture: A World’s Blueprint
  • Core: A World’s Daily Life
  • Farmer: A World’s Crop
  • Futurism: A World’s Building 20
  • Grunge: A World’s Hangout Spot
  • Love: A World’s Cinema Theater
  • Minimalist: A World’s Writing Room With A Sunny View
  • Pop: A World’s Billboard
  • Punk: A World’s DIY Zine
  • Style: A World’s Wardrobe
  • Surreal: A World’s Rabbit Hole
  • Tech: A World’s Laboratory
  • Wave: A World’s Concert

What Would Each Of The Aesthetics Look?

  • Wild Academia: Perhaps, in the academic setting, there would be plenty of features of wildlife; or maybe the academic setting would itself have actual wildlife reserves.
  • Old Aesthetic: Think about old in terms of what would have been relevant in your grandparents’ time, or even before. This is a pretty broad type of aesthetic.
  • Carolingian Architecture: Think about the architecture from the time of Charlemagne and the Carolingian Dynasty.
  • Dungeoncore: Perhaps this would involve the daily life of what would be a dungeon-dweller.
  • Desert Farmer: Think about the staple crops found in desert farms.
  • Weird Futurism: Perhaps within the realm of future innovation, it would involve wild, disparate juxtapositions of differing things.
  • Aether Grunge: Perhaps magic would be the main focus of rebellion, as the rest of the world conforms to non-magical thinking and life.
  • Cottage Love: There might be that hope inside of us that we would one day live in a cottage and bask in the peace and quiet of cottage life.
  • Bard Minimalist: In our simplest states, we might fancy ourselves as bards, playing music and dressing in casual wear.
  • Wolf Pop: If we look upon a billboard or a piece of advertisement, we just might see the visage of wolves.
  • Lion Punk: While we might look to the future for weirdness, we would look for lion imagery and life in the here-and-now. Maybe the mane is what attracts us. While aether would be the subject that would distinguish us from the rest of the world, maybe lion punk might find the same place there–only it would become readily accepted by everyone and would work its way up to the general aesthetics.
  • Solar Style: Think about clothes and attires that are befitting in the sun.
  • Nya Surreal: In our disoriented state, we might find cats in the rabbit hole.
  • Animal Tech: As far as tech is concerned, maybe it either has the appearance of animals, or it is primarily generated by animals.
  • Tea Wave: If music finds its way into the world, it would revolve around tea, either in the lyrics, the tea-cafes-turned-chambers, or the soothing rhythm that would come when enjoying a hot cup.


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