Forms Of Aesthetics

At the risk of going down a Jregian pipeline, I have decided to take it upon myself to detail the various forms of aesthetics appearing on the internet.

Forms Of Aesthetics

I explain what each of these forms of aesthetics mean in a previous post, but the two main ones are:

  • Aesthetics: this would be the overarching form that encompasses all of the other forms of aesthetics.
  • Core: this would be the form of aesthetics that is involved with the everyday life.

How Can Forms Of Aesthetics Appear In Worldbuilding?

Strongest Connections

  • Academia & Core: since education is important for development, it would obviously influence the ways in which ordinary life functions.
  • Farmer, Smorgasbord, & Core: food is another necessity, whether it involves growing and cultivating it, or preparing it.
  • Style & Core: clothing is important since it informs how connected you are to the culture.
  • Architecture & Core: I should have given Architecture 2 connecting lines towards Core, since shelter is another necessity that people cannot live without.

Basic Connections

  • Wave & Core: music would be relevant to ordinary life, since it would add to the aesthetic of pleasure.
  • Menagerie & Core: animals would also have relevance, since people might coexist with animals with a silent, subtle agreement between, such as squirrels, pigeons, rabbits, and orangutans (depending on where you live in the world).
  • Futurism/Tech & Core: how would ordinary people think about the future and technology?
  • Punk/Grunge & Core: how do the people who rebel against the status quo?
  • Pop & Style: Pop would be the advertisements, while style would simply derivative of Pop.
  • Punk & Futurism/Tech: while Grunge would focus on the style and milieu, Punk would go deeper and include technology and a future vision.
  • Style & Punk/Grunge: style would absolutely inform Punk and Grunge aesthetics, since they signify a type of rebellion.

Disparate Connections

  • Camo & Core: I gave this a disparate connection, since the armed forces would not appear to have relevance, since only a fraction of people enlist; though it is essential enough to have as its own form of aesthetic. This would, of course, apply to worldbuilding where you are stuck with how you want the armed forces of that world to function.
  • Surreal & Core: I can see how the Surreal would have barely any connections to the Core, since it must maintain a level of mystique and curiosity in order to have its sway over believers. I would place magic in the same category as Surreal, as evidenced by my reference of Brandon Sanderson’s Law of Magic. (In my case, I tend to have a soft magic system).
  • Surreal & Menagerie: accompanying the confusion among Core, I could see how there would also be barely any connection to animals, since creatures associated with the Surreal resemble yet are alien to typical Menagerie.
  • Aesthetic & Everything Else: Perhaps whenever I reach an impasse with any of the aesthetics, I would use the overarching topic of Aesthetic to fill in the subtle details.


I did add three additional forms of aesthetics:

  • Camo: A World’s Bootcamp
  • Menagerie: A World’s Zoo
  • Smorgasbord: A World’s Banquet


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