Upon realizing that there are aesthetics that can define a book or a film, I begun to realize that they can easily apply to my writing. Of course, I understand that the world and teleology can be complicated, so I decided to define the world of Plumahu by an eclectic mixture of 4 punk/core aesthetics.

Essentially, punk/core aesthetics define a book or film based on the poetics, design, and fashion, whereas genre defines it by setting. In the case of Ken Liu’s writing, the Dandelion Empire series is best described as being fantasy based on its location in a fictional world, but also silkpunk based on the unique style of the technology meant to have Asian aesthetics.


wetcore aesthetics


  1. eroded man-made structures
  2. ferns
  3. House by a swamp or lake
  4. Mud roads
  5. Moss or fungi on walls
  6. Musty smell
  7. Rainforest lifestyle
  8. Rotten wood
  9. water insects (such as mosquitos)

It is part of Ireskupl custom to allow the cobblestone roads to have moss. Any wood that is no longer usable (either as debris or as part of a dilapidated house) is used for artificial rainwater canals for any exhausted lands.

There is an emphasis on well management, to the point where a typical town in the ‘Lqimisumpem Empire is within circumference of a well or a series of aqueducts, which are typically located in the center of the city or any other settlement.

The reason why I chose wetcore specifically to be the main aesthetic theme is because I take an interest in water chemistry and environmental engineering. I am trying to acclimate myself to the complicated math by comprehending the functions of water movement first before proceeding into the math. The world of Ireskupl will help me do that.

The rainforest would definitely be an important feature of Ireskupl life, since it is the main biome for the seat of the ‘Lqimisumpem Empire. It is located in the Sekan Archipelago. As such, there is no shortage of mists, to the point where the muggy weather influences the attire of the Sekan Archipelago denizens, since the attire is simply a poncho and breeches.

While there are religious disagreements about the usage of land, both branches of the Rololsq believe that any wooden houses by a swamp or lake should be left to nature if no one occupies it. That way, the biosphere can reclaim it, whether it would be a tree growing on or in it, or animals using it as a habitable niche.

Ferns would definitely be the plants typically grown along the walkways of every settlement, be it a town or a large city. Also, giant water bugs, a form of water insect, are the typical dish among Ireskupl alongside fried shark.


solarpunk aesthetics


  1. 3D printing
  2. afrofuturism
  3. art
  4. cooperatives
  5. DIY
  6. ecological restoration
  7. nature
  8. engineering
  9. fiction
  10. futurism
  11. gardening
  12. geodesic domes
  13. green architecture
  14. green design
  15. green energy
  16. indigenous practices
  17. intentional community
  18. maker spaces
  19. materials science
  20. permaculture
  21. repair cafes
  22. solar
  23. solar power
  24. sustainability
  25. tree planting
  26. urban planning
  27. volunteering

The original civilization of Moliriskul were able to live along the cliffs with Brutalist structures. Though, I can’t say that there is an Afrofuturist element, since the Ireskupl are meant to closely resemble the Arab and Dravidian nations. Though, the southern Ireskupl nations are meant to represent the African nations and they did contribute to the creation of Ireskupl’s well management.

There is also a branch of the main religion dedicated to the preservation of the wilderness and any exhausted croplands.

As far as maker spaces, there is a guild originally founded as a religious cult dedicated to the Water Goddess. Eventually, after discovering stainless steel through their grotto experimentations, they eventually secularized into a guild for the societies throughout the ‘Lqimisumpem Empire.


seapunk aesthetics


  1. aquatic life
  2. Blue, green, purple, teal, cyan
  3. Bright/pastel-colored hair
  4. mermaids
  5. ocean/sea
  6. shiny and reflective or holographic imagery [holographic materialistic clothes, boots, bags, discs, crystals, marble floors, knives, sunglasses, jewels, shower tiles, glitter, mermaid merch, reflective water, the odd grid pattern, and edited swirled holographic]

This aesthetic theme is more seen in the early 2010 music scene than in literature and film. Nonetheless, I will say that for a civilization that migrated from the desert to an archipelago, they adapted to the usage of the sea to expand their empire.

As such, it would not be uncommon to find the seapunk colors being represented in the sigils and the banners throughout the provinces of the ‘Lqimisumpem Empire.

While the humans of the world of Plumahu have subtle physical characteristics of antelopes and stegosaurs, I don’t know if mermaids would fit into this world. Perhaps, there might be types of Plumahu humanoids who have proclivities towards near-water settlement.


dreamcore aesthetics


  1. bubbles/orbs
  2. dream-feeling [usage of foggy, misty, dreamy language in the descriptions]
  3. Rainbow, Blue, Green, Pink, White, etc.
  4. sparkles

While the Seapunk colors would be used in sigils, the Dreamcore colors would be used on the surfaces of brownstone buildings.

The bubbles and orbs would be a feature found in Ireskupl architecture. Along with Brutalism, there is also Russian architecture, with the prime examples of kremlin domes.


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