This is the first Swedish name change inclusion into the Identifying Imaginative Identities series.

Per Jönsson (1612-1633)

He was born in the Svaneram Parish of Sweden. His father was a farmer. He would later serve in the army under the Swedish Captain Casper von Witte who was German. They took part in many wars, whether it was the Thirty Year’s War, or the war between Poland and Denmark. Per worked his way up from truss boy to cavalryman to quartermaster to corporal and cornet.

Per Stålhammar (1650-1701)

stålhammar: (Swedish) steel hammer

When he was knighted, he would take the surname Stålhammar, starting with Hammar when he was a cavalryman. Upon observing the stature of his portrait and his extensive military history, anyone can clearly see how he would earn the name Steelhammer.


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