The name change in ancient Chinese history is one that combines geography and identity.

Ge Ying’s (葛嬰) Grandson

Ge Ying was a general who served under the rebel king Chen Sheng during the Dazexiang Uprising. He later executed Ge Ying in what Western Han Emperor Wen considered unjust. As such, he granted his grandson the title Marquis of Zhu County.

House Of Zhuge

Zhu (諸): (Mandarin Chinese) many, all; the county name
Ge (葛): (Mandarin Chinese) poplin, kudzu; original surname

The descendants, the earliest being Western Han official Zhuge Feng, would combine these characters to form a unique surname.

Famous bearers of this surname include Zhuge Liang and Zhuge Jin from the Three Kingdoms period.


  • (吳書曰:其先葛氏,本琅邪諸縣人,後徙陽都。陽都先有姓葛者,時人謂之諸葛,因以為氏。) Wu Shu annotation in Sanguozhi vol. 52.
  • (葛嬰至東城,立襄彊為楚王。嬰後聞陳王已立,因殺襄彊,還報。至陳,陳王誅殺葛嬰。) Shi Ji vol. 48.
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