The name change was a result of the Protestant Reformation where many theologians adopted Latin names.

Johnn Goldschmidt (1517-?)

In Wittenburg, he would become close friends to Philip Melanchthon. He then became a docent at the university after graduating. After twelve years, he would earn his doctorate in divinity and was made a professor at St. Nicholas in Rostock.

Joannes Aurifaber Vratislaviensis (?-1568)

Joannes: (Latin) Calque translation of Johann
Aurifaber: (Latin) Calque translation of Goldschmidt
Vratislaviensis: (Latin) meaning “of Breslau”

In order to differentiate himself from another writer at the time, Johann Aurifaber, he added the surname Vratislaviensis to indicate the place where he was born.


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