This name change dives into the unique circumstances of the legal technicalities of Code Noir during French colonialism in Guiana.

Amomba (Later Suzanne) (1673/1683-1704)

Based on what little is known about Paille, she may have come from the Gulf of Guinea. We do know that she was forcibly taken to the French colony of Guiana, given the baptismal name Suzanne, and sold to a lieutenant named François de la Mothe Aigron. After granting her freedom, she married a French soldier named Jean Paille.

Suzanne Amomba Paillé (1704-1755)

Suzanne: her baptismal name
Paille: surname of her husband Jean Paille

While the interracial marriage was considered legal, she would later have difficulty claiming ownership of his Macouria after his death. Paille successfully sued the government and was granted the land. She eventually donated her wealth to ensure the education of the children of her country.


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