This blog was originally created to document my progress in learning Esperanto, since the name of the blog is Brilafamo. It is Esperanto for “bright fame,” which is a calque translation of my real name, Robert.

However, I heard the news that the YouTube polyglot Moses McCormick–known as “laoshu505000”–had passed away. Although it was a month later that I heard the news, I was shocked by the news. He was a YouTuber with more than one million subscribers who dedicated it to learning and speaking many languages. He also had his own online business of educational courses called I’m About To Level Up.

I was among many people who were inspired by his endeavors to speak languages to many different people. He broke many stereotypes with his YouTube travails.

As such, this blog won’t just be for learning Esperanto, but also for researching linguistics. Originally, my other blog, Quintillions Green, was meant to focus on linguistics alongside polymathy; however I decided to prioritize linguistics in this blog while QG is dedicated to polymathy.

Although I do have other blogs dedicated to learning other languages, this blog is different since it is focused on the fundamentals of all languages in general, not just Esperanto.


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