"Es dürstet mich (I'm thirsty)" - pg. 84.

This subtle name change helped assimilate him into French society.

Jean-Paul Mara (1743-1760)

His father, Juan Salvador Mara, was a Spanish Sardinian who was a Mercedarian friar before becoming a Calvinist, and his mother, Louise Cabrol, was a French Huguenot Genevan.

Jean-Paul Marat (1760-1793)

After moving to France to attend university at the age of 17, he inserted a “t” at the end of his surname in order to Francize it.

He would become a journalist during the French Revolution, known for his fiery rhetoric targeted against the leaders of the revolution. Marat would eventually become an icon to the Montagnards Faction of the Jacobins.


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