Since the world of Rkespiwa is a puzzle-piece-shape, it would mean that it has no hemispheres. Instead, there are seven distinctive climate zones with polarizing weather. The six pronged zones have the winter weather, since they are located in close proximity to the winter-fringes. Another reason is because there is a lot of circulation of winter winds contained within each prong. The central part of the puzzle-piece world is where much of the beam-of-light shines upon. As such, it would be the hottest region in the world.

1. Bokhsklap Zone

There are some landmasses within this zone, though it would be subjected to polarizing weather whether it is cool or warm. All of the pronged zones have sky-piercing towers meant to keep the atmosphere afloat in an Atlasian way. Their mysterious substance is made to withstand the polarizing weather patterns. Nobody knows who built them.

2. Kzezersokl Zone

The northern parts of the Kzezersokl continent are best characterized by their tundra and snowy deserts.

3. Ridithep Zone

These are the most barren parts of the Rkespiwa world, specifically in that they have cold climate from the winter-fringes.

4. Kzoswaosiwa Zone

Just like the Koda Archipelago and northern Rkespiwath, they provide an abundance of resources to the Mesvris Empire.

5. Rkespiwath Zone

This is the continent that has both cold and warm seas. While the southern Swiwadask Estuary is isolated from the seat of the Mesvris Empire, it is still close by. It retains its autonomy while also having a sense of suzerainty in service to the Empire.

6. Esm Zone

It has a lone island that has incredibly hot summers and frigid winters.

7. Koda Archipelago

It is one of the main trading hubs of the Mesvris Empire, especially since it is located at the very geographical center of the world.


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