This is where I start getting into detail about the system of the Mesvris Empire, namely the trade routes.

An important component of advanced civilizations in terms of their aesthetics has to do with extensive trade routes. It is for that reason why Buckminster Fuller wrote about the interalloyability of technology being the byproduct of globalization. Many parts of the world were open to international trade, thereby leading to the trade of metals that are rare or not present at all in other parts.

Originally, the Rkespiwa relied on rafts to transport themselves from island to island off both of the coasts of Rkespiwath. However, with contact to other technologies, the raft expanded into island size with multiple sails. The Rkespiwa do not make use of the wheel–at least not for transportational utility. Instead, they use pack animals like elephants to transport upon their backs the cargo, such as mineral deposits through long treks.

As Trevena pointed out, the easiest trading routes would provide a lot of opportunities. That is why the only trade routes are either on land or through smaller distances of water.

Rkespiwath Zone

Since the Dedepskenu Estuary is the site of the capital of the Mesvris Empire, it would mean that it would be the center of trade throughout the empire. One of its main ports are the cities of northern Rkespiwath, but also the Swiwadask Estuary in spite of it being isolated from the rest of the empire.

While in the real-world, the Opadinia became extinct. In the case of the Zem Sea, this species benefited from the isolation, allowing it to live and thrive there. They were then transported throughout the Mesvris Empire, causing them to become a staple species.

Koda Archipelago

It would be the center of all trade throughout the empire, so you can obviously expect to see castle-rafts within this zone. This is similar to how Central Asia for millennia was known as the Silk Road, since it was situationally wealthy due to its proximity between Europe, Asia, and Africa. While the Dedepskenu Estuary is the capital of the empire, the Koda Archipelago is the wealthiest part of the empire. Most foreign traders sojourn to the Mesvris Empire via the Koda Archipelago.

Kzoswaosiwa Zone

It is the place well-known for its importation of natural products like wood.

Kzezersokl Zone

As the largest continent in the Rkespiwa world, it is home to many kingdoms that are at odds with the Mesvris Empire and its allying kingdoms. Of course, because it is within close proximity to the Koda Archipelago, a lot of people who migrate to the empire migrate through that region.

Ridithep Zone

Like Kzoswaosiwa, it only has one main trading route to the Mesvris Empire, and like Kzezersokl, it is for the most part isolated from the empire. It would typically involve trades of sealskin.


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