Mesvris Trade Routes

As noted previously, this is the trade route throughout the empire.

Trade Towns

  • Dedepskenu: the capital of many river-roads, with as many islets as there are rocky islands off Rkespiwath’s coast.
  • Kzawai: Although a mountainous land that is barren and full of rocks, it is abundant in silver mines.
  • Kzerzedev: trade from the other zones comes through this city before making its way back to the Dedepskenu Estuary.
  • Leksaskridav: as a city of shiny temples and statues, it is of course the city close to the small Rkespiwath peninsula with many limestone quarries.
  • Lvivipiniv: it is the city with an abundance of birds.
  • Swisokl:
  • Yeskbuv:

Main Rkespiwath Trade Towns

In some ways, the main trade towns of the Mesvris Empire give each of the islands their own personality regardless of how small they are.

  1. Ribsk Heights: this trade town is mainly concerned with the importation of food crops throughout the Mesvris Empire and minerals within the island itself. Because it is a mountainous area, no other materials can be transported from it or through it.
  2. Kzos Wadazwa: Because it rests within the literal and figurative shadow of Likskribsk, and because it is in the middle of the archipelago, it provides a resting spot for traders throughout the empire. It is for that reason why its name means “home for rest.”
  3. Buath: where materials for ship building are transported to. The island acts as a giant harbor for all of the castle-rafts of the empire.
  4. Kzerazeda: where Dedepskenu Estuary customs is located, meaning that every legitimate trading raft must proceed through them. As such, their standard of living relies on the customs fees paid by trading rafts.
  5. Thobu: where many castle-rafts and mercantile ships disembark, just like Buath.
  6. Kzumsk Heights: where many merchants from all over the empire come to retire.
  7. Oyesevlip: the dukedom held by House Oyesevlip, descended from one of Mesvris’ many adopted children. House Oyesevlip specialized in trading pitch and materials for additive manufacturing. They hold a special monopoly in the southern main trade towns of the empire.
  8. Omsawovath: this is where the bestiaries of the empire typically come through. While barely any native plants thrive there, there are plants imported from the northern parts of Rkespiwath which neighbor it.


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