As mentioned before, I swore that I would make a world despite the usual spherical shape, rather in the shape of a puzzle-piece. As you imagine, I do intend on creating multiple realms that can be easily connected. If you’ve been worldbuilding as long as I have, then you understand that you are always going to throw a wrench into your own design; always creating disruptive changes to see if the project is worth continuing or abandoning.

In the case of Rkespiwa, I will have to decide that come January 16, 2023.

World Creation

So far, this is the rough draft of the world that I want. Next, I am going to directly create the outlines of this world while also going through a process of creating jagged outlines and islands. I developed my own process for creating these unique features, though I will go through a step-by-step tutorial sometime in the future. All I can really say is that it involves a camera, tea leaves, a clean sheet of paper, and Photoshop magic.

The result is this:

It would have to have the same size, same atmosphere, and other trappings of Earth. Instead of a sun, there would have to be a beam of light to provide heat and light that is more akin to a scanner. Because I intend to create multiple worlds, all of them would have to have these features as well.


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