Since settlements have a purpose, I decided that each one is situational. As such, I want to focus solely on one segment of the Rkespiwa world, specifically the original homeland of the Rkespiwa people. The continent has coasts, lakes, and rivers, just like all of the other continents and landmasses.

I named the oceans of the world and the rivers, seas, and estuaries of the original Rkespiwa continent. I wanted to give myself both an expanded and narrowed scope of this world if I am to continue with it. The reason for this is because I am aware that this world would have to have multiple languages. Rkespiwa would have to be the prestige language to use, because there would have been an empire of Rkespiwa origin.

The names of the oceans:

  • Esusk: necessity
  • Kzosokl: great home

For the seas, lakes, rivers, and estuaries:

  • Bokhsklap: good movement
  • Dedepskenu: many heads
  • Esm: new
  • Khatev: to an end
  • Lwaosupu: plant-green
  • Risir: little life
  • Siwawai: by rocks
  • Swiwadask: quiet beach
  • Zem: white
  • Zer: old

As American ecologist Eugene Odum pointed out, the estuary is one of the cornerstones of great cities, since they can attract ships from many nations to do trade. It also provides the commoners plenty of opportunities for employment in any trades, not just agriculture, but also commerce, fishing, caravan trade, and maritime trade. That is why Dedepskenu is literally named “many heads,” because of the amount of people from many nations to come and trade.


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