For Day 4, I have included the cities that are within close circumference to the capital of the Mesvris Empire–Dedepskenu City. The name Mesvris derives from the phrase omyespev ris meaning “life-finder.” It was the name of the founder who took control of what would become Dedepskenu City by taking over the kingship via trickery.

Reasons For Their Locations

As mentioned before by the ecologist Eugene Odum, the estuary is one of the most important locations in human history, because civilizations tend to thrive there. Though, it doesn’t always mean that a city can always be located there as a rule. Nonetheless, that is the decision behind Dedepskenu’s location, since it is directly facing the rest of the Rkespiwa world.

The cities on this map are within the warmest parts of the world. They are either situated on the coasts or on islands. These cities were given their names by Mesvris colonials due to either their economic or geographical importance.


  • Dedepskenu: “many heads;” the reason for this name is because of the population density.
  • Kzawai: “hill of rock;” since it is situated on mountainous land that is barren and full of rocks. It is from the mountain that a river forms to deposit out into the sea. It is abundant in silver mines.
  • Kzerzedev: “smoke hill;” named after the former colonists who brought out a smoke signal, letting the Mesvris Imperial fleet that it has been settled.
  • Leksaskridav: “gift of light;” given the name because of its shiny temples and statues that make the beam-of-light increasingly glaring to any foreign armies that dare to enter.
  • Lvivipiniv: “young birds;” due to the presence of many migratory birds and their abundance of nests.
  • Swisokl: “great beach;” named after a large, ever-expanding shoreline.
  • Yeskbuv: “blue foundation;” named after its deep, blue lagoons


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