As part of Day 5, I gave Rkespiwa the vibrant, landscape diversity based on my years of experimentation of Photoshop. As for the names of the continents and large islands, I am unsure whether they should be exonyms, or if they are just substitute names for the original names by the indigenous populations.

  1. Kzezersokl: there are a lot of hills in this large continent, which means “great hills.” It also has three mountain ranges that create enough rainshadows to create a desert. As Trevena mentioned, I would need to make sure that the transitions between landscapes make sense. In the case of mountains, they would choke rainfall to certain parts.
  2. Ridithep: named since the beam-of-light arrives last at it, giving it the oxymoronic name “shadow light.” There is a small sand desert on the north, while the westernmost parts have snow deserts that meet it. While the rest of the island is barren, the northeastern islands have lush jungles.
  3. Azeda: meaning “dry,” one of the last archipelagos visited by the Mesvris Empire. It is a barren land that borders on the winter-fringes. As expected, it is not of particular interest to the Mesvris, but its northern ports are used as intermediaries between Rkespiwa Island and Ridithep Island.
  4. Wawolosris: meaning “life-plants,” named for its abundance of tropical plants that are grown through slash-and-burn techniques.
  5. Kzoswaosiwa: true to its name “far green home,” it is the only set of islands that is abundant in tropical trees.
  6. Rkespiwa: This is the homeland of the Mesvris Empire, for it is from there that their empire expanded to much of the world.


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