As for natural resources, it would make sense that the Rkespiwa rely on the landscape as detailed in the map.

  • Gold: for the gold-mines
  • Green: the lumber needed for favelas, shacks, ships, and other woodwork; and agriculture
  • Grey: the iron for the implements; and the limestone for the architecture
  • Light Blue: freshwater
  • Silver: for the silver-mines

Cities like Kzawai are centered around the natural resources to take advantage of them. The freshwater bays and estuaries, as mentioned before, are incredibly important to livability. So, it would make sense that traders would congregate in those areas more than the silver-cities, the gold-cities, and the agricultural towns.

Obviously, this is a simplistic analysis. This might be the present sites of these resources. There are other sites that may have been abandoned.


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