Since the biome in Eastern Pimzarblan is of the temperate broadleaf forest, then it would make sense to include a deciduous forest. These are the types of trees that tend to be in the cooler climates, though in Dusquing’s case, the arctic climates are not only present in the north and south extremities, but also the eastern and western extremities. As such, these trees are adapted to freezing temperatures, and they do so by shedding their leaves every winter.

Chong, Kacey. “Aberfeldy River, Baw Baw National Park.” Wikipedia. 2018. CC BY-SA 4.0.

The types of trees that exist in this climate are maple, ash, beech, hickory, oak, and magnolia. They were used for lumber during the American settlement of the Appalachian Mountains, so it would make sense that they would also be used for habitation in Eastern Pimzarblan.


The types of animals that tend to live in broadleaf forests are typically smaller animals. They include raccoons, foxes, squirrels, snakes, hawks, quolls, and mourning doves.

Eastern Pimzarblan is also the site of the questing-beasts, which typically reside in the swamp areas of the forest. With its rabbit-and-lion-like feet, it is able to slowly tread the land; and pounce and sprint when needed. With its serpent head, it is able to catch prey. This makes the questing-beast one of the most dangerous predators in Eastern Pimzarblan.

While there are quolls who are varied between ones who live in moist areas and arid areas, no other animal is an exception to that rule. Pimzarblan Questing-beasts have their own variations based on the areas in which they live. The ones who live in the swamps tend to have no fur, rather their skin is like those of the hippopotamus. The questing-beasts who live in high altitude areas like the highlands or the mountainous areas tend to have fur everywhere on their body.

Before the establishment of the Umbsquodsen World-Empire, Eastern Pimzarblan youth were sent into the forest. To prove their rite of passage into manhood, they had to scar one of these creatures and live.


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