I have been putting off World Anvil for too long despite knowing about it. The reason why I tried to avoid it is because I did not want to allow any one worldbuilding guide or platform to completely monopolize my worldbuilding method.

What Is World Anvil?

It is a site dedicated to aspiring worldbuilders to develop the fictional worlds they conceptualized. Using digital technology, they provide a lot of tools necessary to truly materialize a world; whether it is through encyclopedic entries or providing images about the geography or the creatures in the world.

There are some membership upgrades with an annual fee for more intricate features. But, for right now, I want to sign up for the Freeman membership–which as you can tell is the free membership.

What Is Kfalkuthre?

A world that I came up with for the purposes of World Anvil. I have my own method of conlanging, which led to Kfalkuthre getting its name. It means “our spot.”

Continental Shapes

If you have followed my 25 Worldbuilding Hacks series, you will know that I have my own method of creating a world inspired by many trial-and-error experimentations and YouTube videos. It involves spreading out green tea leaves on a clean sheet of paper until they have jagged shapes. Then, with some Photoshop magic, I am able to create a map with complicated borders, islands, and outlines. (Of course, I make sure to put the tea leaves back into my sealable jar so I can reuse them for tea)

Also, I wanted to make this into a flat, jigsaw-shaped world just like my other worldbuilding projects.


This is the world that I have planned. Of course, this excludes the flora and the seacoasts, which I include in the World Anvil map of Kfalkuthre.

World Anvil World Creation 1

Kfalkuthre Humans

Another feature of my worldbuilding is the distinctive characteristics of the humans living in them, such as having the attributes of animals–at least what appear to us as animals. In the case of the humans of Kfalkuthre, I decided to use a random sentence generator to find some animals. After several generations, I came up with this sentence:

The fox in the tophat whispered into the ear of the rabbit.

So, now I would need to make the humans of this world have fox- and rabbit-like characteristics. As I noted in my worldbuilding method, I try to make the animal features as subtle as the Neanderthal features in modern Homo Sapiens. In which case, the subtle features would have to be the curling-upwards ears, the rounded nostrils, and the fox whiskers.

Kfalkuthre Language

Typically, when it comes to worldbuilding, when it comes to conlangs, I typically start with the language that would be spoken as a lingua franca or a prestige language in the world. If I were to worldbuild Earth circa 2023, I would probably start with English because it is the most widely spoken in the world and is the de facto global language.

With that being said, the Kfalkuthre language would share qualities from three random languages each deriving from three continents. I requested ChatGPT to generate those three languages which gave me: Arabic, Portuguese, and Swahili.

While Kfalkuthre language refers to the lingua franca of the world, it derives from the northern language Mos, which literally means “snow.”

Next World Anvil Installment

I will get more in-depth with the world when it comes to the characters and the setting. Consider the progression like zooming from a wide shot to a closer shot on a camera. The same would apply to the Kfalkuthre characters.


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