On World Anvil, continuing my journey into Kfalkulthre, I decided to make use of the random prompts that the site provides in order to get started without feeling overwhelmed. I find this to be incredibly helpful, because worldbuilding can be a difficult endeavor. Nonetheless, it can be a labor of love. I wanted to start simple before proceeding further, so I did not include images or in-depth information about each component of the world.


Of course, I did mark labels on the map to specify the continents and the corners of the world.

Kfalkulthre Culture

I managed to take the opportunity to get into detail about the culture. In which case, the topic of festivals became a focus, as the okapi would be the animal that represents such occasions due to its distinct appearance. There is also the issue of honor, which would be handled in disputes involving horseshoe throwing.


There is also the history that would shape culture in the Feizfeiz Empire. In the case of the worship of the goddess of hospitality, Altromeifr, its founding myth inspired the construction of artificial springs in every worshiping center of Altromeifr.


There are also specific organizations that fulfill a certain purpose that no other service can provide. This includes the Eksuyebal Guild for long-distance communication, while the Shlehifil Unit try to protect traders and caravans on the road.


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    • Kfalkuthre Homepage | World Anvil
      • Alshfram | Polymath Of The Hpoksfr Script
      • Altromeifr And The Fountain Of Warmth
      • Eksuyebal Guild
      • Frusalk Challenge
      • Kfalkulthre Language
      • Law Of Rashlenhetrso
      • Okapi | The Kfalkulthre Animal Of Celebration
      • Shlehifil Unit
      • Susfekt | Spell Of Disorder
      • Tusfuth | Gladiator-General Of The Athrafusp Desert

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