There was a video posted by YouTuber LazarZ, known for producing video essays about Assassin’s Creed based games, who talked about what his ideal Assassin’s Creed game would be. He stated that it would be set in early Medieval England–specifically when King Arthur supposedly lived.

I actually have several installment suggestions for the franchise, so this article will have to be divided in 3 parts: 1. the suggestions themselves; 2. which games would compare to each other and the franchise as a whole; 3. how it would apply to the next generation consoles.


Most of the ideal Assassin’s Creed games would not necessarily be in a completely new setting, rather expansions of the previously established settings that would provide contextualization in the franchise–basically making sense of it and providing closure to plenty of characters.

Throughout these suggestions, I will only use code-names for these suggestions the same way that Ubisoft uses code-names for projects that have yet to be completed.

Assassin’s Creed: Showdown/Assassin’s Creed: Connor Saga 2: Showdown


One suggestion would be the conclusion to the Connor Kenway arc, since it is clear to me that Ubisoft does not give him enough exposure. More specifically, I would want it to be the final showdown between Connor Kenway and Shay Patrick Cormac.

Another way to make that installment unique is to allow the player to play as multiple characters. It would resemble Syndicate, though not necessarily in terms of going to the Pause menu and choosing between Jacob and Evie, rather allowing these multiple characters to have autonomy to travel around the cities and frontiers and allowing them to follow you around when you get near or call them, so very much like the Rooks. So the story would not just revolve around Connor. Perhaps these multiple characters could include the Assassin recruits from III, or even the characters in Tyranny of King Washington who do not appear in the main timeline, such as the two Mohawk men in the first episode.

So while having Assassin recruits follow your commands would be reminiscent of Revelations and III, they would have far more importance to the plot-line, since you get to choose which character to play as in any event or battle, which would have a plot system reminiscent of the Dynasty Warriors series which involve different kingdoms and even different characters having different experiences and involvements in the same location and time. Of course while the Assassin recruits only cooperate in the Fortress Defense parts of Revelation, in Showdown they will have far more activity and have more function and purpose in the events, such as managing a ship or infiltrating a building–which Unity attempted to do with multiplayer mode.

Since Shay was a former Assassin, it would stand to reason that he would know how the Assassins operate and he could just easily root out their headquarters. This would require Connor to try and outsmart him by trying to become even more secretive than before. A key component of this is that Shay is able to detect nearby Assassins, so Connor would need to either come up with ways to overwhelm Shay’s Templar forces or develop material that can camouflage any detection from Shay.

Another thing that Liberation does right is allowing the player to dress Aveline as a Assassin, a slave, or as a belle. In the two latter outfits, it enables her to go into Templar territory with no detection. I think that an undervalued part of the Assassin’s Creed series is the use of disguises, not just the typical hood, robe, and baldric full of knives and poisons (all of which Shay could easily detect), but also ones that are contextual to the setting of the installment, such as wearing skins and moccasins in the frontier and wearing an army uniform in the cities. It is especially important to note that like Aveline, Connor is biracial, so that identity switching could influence how he dresses.

Maybe some of those multiple characters could be biracial themselves. It would make an even greater statement to have some of them being white-passing, so that they can negotiate through white, wealthy society without being immediately detected. It would definitely be interesting historical commentary.

Since the end of III involved Connor looking morosely upon a family of slaves in an auction, it could hint that he would have to address these societal ills through pragmatism. Not only would Connor (or one of the playable characters) have to have slave ships be mutinied, but also he would need to bring an end to the Atlantic Slave Trade.

Eventually the conflict between Connor and Shay culminates into the War of 1812, where either one (or both of them) dies by the other’s hand (or Hidden Blade to be more precise). I could remember reading a memory by a Pequot man named Samuel Apess, who actually served in the War of 1812 and described in visceral description how there were men whose spirits left their bodies. Perhaps Connor would talk to him at some point as a character helpful in his quest. Maybe Connor would have the same complicated alliance with General Andrew Jackson just like George Washington; or maybe he would foresee his plan to relocate the indigenous population in the Trail of Tears and he would try to assassinate him.

Assassin’s Creed: Camelot


Another suggestion would be to expand upon LazerZ’s suggestion of taking place in medieval England. He did not clarify whether this hypothetical protagonist should be an advisor or friend to “King Arthur,” though I think it should be noted that King Arthur would have been among the Romanized native Britons before the arrival of the Anglo-Saxons who would have became the Welsh. Perhaps the protagonist could be the ancestor to the Kenway family, who are Welsh, since it would help explain to whom they can trace the Ancient Bloodline.

I also agree with LazerzZ that the mages, such as Merlin and the Lady of the Lake, could serve some form of utility, either teaching the protagonist new moves or giving him new weapons or armor.

From what I have read of Sir Thomas Mallory’s Morte d’Arthur, there are a lot of jousts involved. So perhaps it would take the place of the racing element in Origins and Syndicate and the gladiator amphitheaters in Origins and Odyssey, as a way to improve the protagonist’s stamina and equestrian skills.

Though I would be curious as to how the game would handle Berdilak the Green Knight and various monsters found in Arthurian legend. It would be natural to conclude that like Origins and Odyssey, they would become secret bosses to fight; though I would hope that a better alternative would be to replicate the digitization scenes of Connor learning special moves in Tyranny of King Washington. Although Connor did not fight the creatures in those digitization scenes, perhaps the protagonist can fight these monsters in those scenes, so as to create the illusion that they exist yet do not.

Assassin’s Creed Redux/Assassin’s Creed: Altair Saga 1: Holy Land


Another suggestion–which I know will be controversial–would involve the redux of the original Assassin’s Creed game the same way that Final Fantasy VII and Prince of Persia (which interestingly enough shares resemblance to the Assassin’s Creed series) were remodeled. I do think that the graphics and the clunky movements are reminiscent of 2007 and probably should stay there. The combo fighting system, however, I do think needs to stay the same, with the exception of making it smoother and adding a kill streak combo. Not only can they be updated, but also contextualize the Brotherhood’s existence, purpose, and foundation within the scope of the Assassin’s Creed series as of the time this article was written, by referencing Egypt and Ancient Greece. Perhaps Altair, or one of the other Assassins, would need to travel there to discover artifacts left behind by Bayek, Amunet, or Alexios/Cassandra. It would of course be beneficial to make these travels during Altair’s war with Abbas. The allusions to Origins and Odyssey would not simply be retconning, rather as means of connection between the proto-Assassins (and the proto-proto-Assassins) and the Assassins of the Levantine.

Assassin’s Creed V: Simulacrum


Another suggestion–please hear me out LazerzZ–would involve an action RPG element, however it would not take place in the past, since the ancestral memories as part of the Animus cannot be altered; rather it would take place in a hypothetical simulacrum operated by an Animus-like machine. This simulacrum would not take place in any real life locations, rather a composite of all of the locations thus traveled to throughout the series. All of the series protagonists–with all of their personalities and memories and in their prime–would be “rebirthed” in this world and would need to work together to bring down a Templar-like organization that is controlling this world. It would definitely be interesting to see how they would interact with each other and not just in a panel.

Also like Action RPG games, the protagonist would be a customizable character and would need to work with these protagonists.

The purpose of this simulacrum is essentially reminiscent of a war-room where hypothetical scenarios are played out in miniature figurines of units of soldiers. Every decision that the protagonist would make, such as the dialogue tree and such, would ultimately influence how he/she would be able to navigate this world–and thus the real world when fighting the Templars in the modern world.

Of course, as much as Showdown would relate to Dynasty Warriors, Simulacrum would relate to Warriors Orochi–which is where characters from both Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors have to work together to defeat a common enemy. Simulacrum would also be reminiscent of the Tyranny of King Washington, which takes place in a hypothetical scenario of what would happen if George Washington was corrupted by the Apple of Eden. However, it would not be without function outside of it, rather Simulacrum would be important in that it can assist the Assassins in being able to pinpoint how to take down the Templars, especially when they failed to compete against specially trained Templars in the modern time line in Syndicate.

Assassin’s Creed: Ah Tabai Saga 1


Although a minor character in Black Flag, he is still an important character in the Caribbean branch of the Brotherhood. Considering how he would have been present in the Mayan territory during Spanish colonization, I would like to see the colonization of the indigenous population through that perspective.

Since we are able to play through the colonial side through different sides, it would be fair to say that Ah Tabai would be included as among those perspectives. While Edward, Shay, and Connor experienced English colonialism, and Adewale and Aveline experienced French colonialism, then would stand to research that Spanish colonialism would be another point of focus in the New World part of the Assassin’s Creed series.

If he is able to deal with Edward’s bullshit throughout the first half of Black Flag without killing him outright, then he would have seen the potential within Edward to become an instrumental part of the Brotherhood.


The remake of Assassin’s Creed 1 would be different since it was originally a stand-alone game which did not rehash any previous installments. Though, I would think that Holy Land would be too controversial, though it would not nearly be as controversial as a redux of the Ezio trilogy. At least with Ah Tabai and Showdown, it would tell more of the story behind the brotherhoods and those characters who made them.

As far as Camelot is concerned, although Britain is not a unique location in the franchise, this installment would be interesting since it would blur the distinction between history and myth like Odyssey did. I would expect that the historical basis for the myths of King Arthur would be on characters and events which might relate to it and maybe inspired those myths in the first place.

Though with Simulacrum, it can actually make history into a playground–to borrow Abstergo’s tagline. History and myth would not be a major focus because neither would be the epicenter of this type of game. If anything, it would subvert them. However, it would be just like Holy Land and would probably be there to waste everyone’s time, since there would be little to no progress in the overall plot.

Best Choice

Showdown. I would hope that Shay could make his own luck if he were to come face-to-face with Connor. Unlike all the other installments, there would be so much more at stake with this installment, especially one that deserve an ending or even an explanation of where the Colonial Brotherhood went.

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