This father-and-son duo managed to defy the odds in Australian colonial society and became self-actualized individuals.

James & David Ngunaitponi

James Ngunaitponi is indigenous Australian who originates from the Ngarrindjeri nation. His name was originally in its most accurate Aboriginal form. He spent his life as a preacher, after being self-taught in English. He then started preaching to the Ngarrindjeri communities.

James & David Unaipon

The name Unaipon is a simplified corruption of James’ Aboriginal name and used as a surname.

David would go on to become passionate in music, literature, science, and religion. He would eventually become an inventor, a preacher, a musician, and the first published Aboriginal author.

David Unaipon is known for inventing the mechanical sheep-shearer by taking advantage of the enigmatic science of perpetual motion.

David Unaipon appears on the fifty dollar note.


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