Would you live in the imposing castle

That once looked down upon you with scorn?

And live with regal splendor with no hassle

While the realm outside becomes poor and forlorn?


Would you sell your children’s future

To fight the banshee wails of the present?

Without any prospect of a decent life to ensure

Or any promise that has yet to be sent?


Would you sell your pride and self-worth

For a small plot of land that cannot be passed down?

Upon which there is dust, decay, and dearth

And no tools guaranteed to lay around?


Are your enemies everywhere and nowhere

Who lurk in your heart and encamp in your mind?

Would you build a world from the earth to the air

With blindly followed fears taught by your kind?


To those who sit with unresolved anger

And ambitions unfulfilled and undone

Your family may treat you like a stranger

But your ancestors treat you like a son


Far or near, you could find that cloud of tyranny

At any time that it impacted your family

For within you is a noble legacy

Which cannot be taken away freely

And self-preservation against all you see

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