Lo, the earth-below and the skies-above

And outer-space-around shall witness

The blocks-upon-blocks needed

For the Frankensteinian creation

Of entire cities, mountains, and reservoirs

In this world-as-studio where I thrive

Populations would live by my inspiration

Because of my clanking-and-clunking

For upon the skies no tong-marks are found

Nor are their buildings without foundation.

The doves I send would cartographize

With graphite tips upon their holly branches

For wherever they nest, there be lands

Ripe for those decillions-multicolored

That enliven my new empire-studio

By stacking upon any canvas-earth

Which would amalgamate upwards

Until they pierce the ceiling-sky

And are visible through the window-observatory.

With these god-bricks myriad and fantastical,

Palaces blobulate kremlins

And welcome with many doors.

Temples, with friezes depict dragon battles,

Become dedicated to whatever Gods out there

Who choose to sponsor my work

Any acropoles would take the form

Of great statues covered in verdure

That would starting Chia-ing fruits and ambrosia

Roads-upon-roads where the population would frequent

Would contain mosaics of marble

Quarried from the mountains that lurk

Near the closet-fringe of the unfettered and wrinkled.

This world would be inhabited by the people

To achieve the collect-them-all plan of the god-bricks

If the insidious and blasphemous among them

Claim that an idiot holds his bauble to his god,

Then may the baubles BE their god

For they are called the god-bricks

Because of their infinite possibilities

For creative creation

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