Lonnie Cross (1927-?)

He was born in Bessemer, Alabama.

He earned an A.B. in Math and a P.A. in Chemistry at Lincoln University. Then, he earned an M.S. in Mathematics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

In 1955, Shabazz earned a PhD in Cornell University under the tutelage of Mark Kac.

Abdulalim Abdullah Shabazz (?-2014)

Like Malik el-Shabazz (aka Malcolm X), he joined the Black Nationalist group The Nation of Islam, left it, and converted to Sunni Islam. Abdulalim is Arabic for “servant of the All-Knowing,” Abdullah means “servant of God,” and Shabazz came from the tribe that supposedly birthed the African race, which may mean “mighty nation.”

Shabazz would teach mathematics at Chicago, Detroit, and Mecca for decades.



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