Leon Lubicz (1935-1971)

He was born to a Polish Jewish father and a Rwandan Tutsi mother in the Belgian Congo–what would become the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Leon Kengo wa Dondo (1971-)

During Mobutu’s Africanization campaign, Leon changed his name to Kengo wa Dondo. Like Ngugi wa Thiong’o, this name change reflects a return to an African identity.

He would earn his PhD in Law at the Free University of Brussels in 1968.

Dondo would become responsible for introducing the 1974 constitution, which changed the name of the newly formed country to Zaire–before it became the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This led to him becoming the 12th Prime Minister of Congo.

However, he was criticized for the questionable decision to expel members of the Lebanese community over spurious accusations about being involved in the illegal trade of diamonds and for the lack of response during the Congolese Civil War. He resigned as Prime Minister in 1997. Shortly thereafter, a new government was installed.


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