This name change provided opportunities to him.

András István Gróf (1936-1957)

He was born to a middle-class Jewish family in Hungary. When the Nazis took over Hungary, nearly 500,000 Jews were sent to concentration camps Grove and his family went into hiding. They reunited after the war.

When the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 happened, Grove moved to the United States.

Andrew Grove (1957-2016)

Andrew: (English) the Anglicization of his first name
Grove: (English) the Anglicization of his surname

Upon moving to the United States, he changed his name in order to assimilate faster into American society.

After earning a bachelor’s in chemical engineering and a PhD in Chemical Engineering, he would eventually work for Intel.

Grove would become dubbed “the father of Silicon Valley,” and was well-known for his arduous work ethic among himself and the people who worked under his direction. Because of his unique management philosophy of “creative confrontation,” many problems were solved in Intel, and it resulted in Intel becoming one of the world’s biggest creators of semiconductor chips.


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