Latin: animo: to revive


Greek: glosso: tongue


English: diction: state of speaking


noun. The process of introducing more or new speakers to a language that is either endangered or extinct.


With the implementation of digital technologies, the animoglossodiction of the indigenous South American language would help guarantee that the language would be passed on to the next generation.


Language revitalization, language revival


Since I discussed in-depth language revitalization on Kallidomus, I thought it would be suitable to coin a new word dedicated to this under-researched field. The definition is the same as language revitalization, though the word is different, if not as accurate as possible.

Instead of the animo-, I thought of using neo-, which refers to something new, though I figured that this field is not necessarily about the speaking of new languages, as much as it is the new emergence of speaking a language.

I don’t expect this word to enter academia, though I hoped that I encapsulated this idea into a single word.

Image Attribution: didda af

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