Andrew Jackson

There were well-known politically active people who were named after Andrew Jackson. These included his nephew Andrew Jackson Donelson, and Andrew Jackson Houston, who was the son of Sam Houston, the founder of the Texas city Houston. The 17th Mayor of San Francisco was Andrew Jackson Bryant.

Of course, there were also non-political figures named after him, such as Andrew Jackson Beard, who was an African-American inventor who improved upon the automatic railroad car coupler.

Abraham Lincoln

There is not much found about people named after Abraham Lincoln, though it is evident among African-Americans. Abraham Lincoln DeMond was an African-American minister who advocated for emancipation, and Abraham Lincoln Lewis founded the Afro-American Life Insurance Company in Jacksonville, Florida.

Theodore Roosevelt

There were also people who were named after “the cowboy president,” as Theodore Roosevelt McElroy’s parents called him.

It was also the name of Baltimore mayor Theodore Roosevelt McKeldin, who would go on to create the not-for-profit organization Santa Claus Anonymous during the Great Depression.

George Washington

Although Washington was unable to have children due to a contraction of smallpox, his name definitely lived on. It not only lived through his step-grandson George Washington Parke Custis, rather it was the compound name given to many famous people, including the sons of famous people who were close to George Washington, such as John Adams and Marquis de Lafayette. There were also the inventor George Washington Carver and even a Siamese prince who was given the name George Washington.


It would make sense that these specific presidents would be the inspirations behind these names. However imperfect as they were, they would be consistently be ranked as among the best presidents in United States history for more than 70 years.

But, what is especially telling is that these names are given to people who would become political figures, because the parents who gave them these names were also political figures.


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