If you want to keep your new product clean without any dust interfering in its inner functions, then I would suggest keeping the box it came with. Instead of throwing it away, you can convert it into a case to keep away any of the dead skin floating around. It would especially help if you kept the Styrofoam or other packaging it came with for cushioning.

This is not a step-by-step tutorial, but it does get you to start thinking about the products around you, even the boxes they came in.

Craft Material You Would Need Include

  • non-toxic glue
  • desiccants: this is to keep out moisture, which would especially be helpful if your product produces any kind of moisture.
  • knife (of any kind): you would need it to cut any tape, but also to lift any boxes that have the folding that acts as a lock so you don’t bend it.
  • mini soft spreader: typically they are used for applying vinyl lettering, but they can also be used for making deep folds and for spreading glue within the folds around.
  • clamps: this is to ensure that the folds remain in place as the glue dries.
  • spray bottle: put hot water in just in case you have bent cardboard that you want straightened out. After lightly applying the spray upon it, you should place heavy objects on top of it while it dries and hardens.
  • fixative spray: you will need this for cardboard, since you may want to retain its luster and give it a protective coating.


I would suggest not cutting off the bottom folds, even though the point is to make the box into a case that you can pull up. Instead, I would suggest gluing them to the insides so that the product may snuggly fit inside without the “case” being easily toppled. You should then apply any clamps you have, or position books on it so it can stay fixed tightly as it dries.


Unless there is an additional piece of cardboard that keeps the product down, then I would suggest also gluing the tops together.

As A Result…

I had this product for a few months and immediately started using this method to preserve it. While it might not completely prevent dust from infiltrating your product, it would nonetheless prevent a lot of it.

As It Applies To Worldbuilders

If you do have a product that you use for worldbuilding, such as a laptop, a drawing tablet, or anything else, I would recommend using this method as soon as you buy a new version of your worldbuilding products–or find the original boxes. It will increase the longevity of your products and ensure that your original box does not contribute to waste.

Speaking of waste, if you also have the original styrofoam packaging that kept the product in place as well, I would recommend making use of that as well. It would probably prevent more dust from entering the product.

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