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Compiling this list, these are the best usages for jars in case you have any that you intend to use. I amalgamated the usages from various sites in order to come up with a comprehensive list of jar usages. They can be Mason Jars or any other kind of jar. It may involve cutting an incision into the lid or holes, but it can be done. Usages for jars will help you save money, space, and the environment.

70 Usages For Jars

  1. Baby Bottle
  2. Backdrop Display
  3. Baking Consistencies (For Yogurt, Cake, Bread, Salads, Homemade Butter, etc.)
  4. Beehive
  5. Birdfeeder
  6. Blender (Depending On Which Brand Specifically Uses Mason Jars)
  7. Bookends
  8. Bubble-Blowing Consistency
  9. Candles
  10. Candy Storage
  11. Carpet Freshener Storage
  12. Centerpiece
  13. Cheese Grater Lid
  14. Citrus Juicer
  15. Cloth Napkin Storage
  16. Coffee Cup (At Cafe Or At Home)
  17. Compost
  18. Condiment Storage
  19. Cosmetics
  20. Cupcake Liner Storage
  21. Drinking Vessel
  22. Extract Storage (For Vanilla, Orange, etc.)
  23. First Aid Kit
  24. Flower Vase
  25. Food Preservation/Pickling (For Leftovers, Crops, Blended Food, Soups, Store Pantry Staples, Overnight Oats, Granola Parfaits, etc.)
  26. For Plant Cuttings
  27. For Random Note Pulling (Like Raffles)
  28. Gift Jars
  29. Glass Luminary (Such as Fairy Jar, Lamp, Chandelier, Wall Sconce, etc.)
  30. Gnat Trap
  31. Grain Storage
  32. Herb Garden
  33. Honey Storage
  34. Jar Advent Calendar
  35. Jar Art
  36. Lid Coasters
  37. Liners/Cutters (For Muffins, Cookies, Eggs, etc.)
  38. Lunch Meal (Like Soup)
  39. Magnetic Mason Jar Storage
  40. Match Storage
  41. Money Storage
  42. Natural Room Scent Potpourri
  43. Nuts And Bolts Storage
  44. Office Supply Storage (Like Paper Clips, Staples, Post-It Notes, Pencil, Pens, etc.)
  45. Ornaments
  46. Paint Storage (Like Acrylic, Oil, Chalk, etc.)
  47. Paintbrush Holder
  48. Pencil Sharpener
  49. Personal Care Storage (Toothbrush, Dry Shampoo, Rinsing Water, Mouthwash, Face/Body Wash, Facial Rounds, Cotton Swabs, Cotton Balls, Bandages, Ointment, etc.)
  50. Photo/Memory Jar
  51. Positive Notes Jar
  52. Seed Storage
  53. Sewing Kit w/ Button Holder
  54. Shaker (Like Salt, Pepper, Sugar, Cocktail, etc.)
  55. Ship-In-A-Bottle (Or In-A-Jar In This Case)
  56. Small Items/Knick-Knacks Storage
  57. Smoke Smell Absorption (With Shredded Paper, Baking Soda, etc.)
  58. Snow Globe
  59. Soap Dispenser
  60. Softened Butter/Warm Tea (When Heated By Sun)
  61. Spice Storage
  62. Sprouting
  63. Terrarium
  64. Tiki Torches
  65. Time Travel Capsule
  66. Tissue Holder
  67. Twine Dispenser
  68. Utensil Holder
  69. Wind Chimes
  70. Wine Glasses


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