16 Usages For Shredded Paper | Ynkawen’s Coffer O’ Trophies

A key part of being frugal is understanding that everything in this world has value–even ephemera like shredded paper. That is why I amalgamated the usages of shredded paper that others and myself have used.

16 Usages For Shredded Paper

  1. Bouquet/Confetti
  2. Cat Litter
  3. Chicken/Rabbit/Worm Nesting
  4. Create A Work Of Art
  5. Drawer Sachet (with Fragrance)
  6. Easter Basket Grass
  7. Fire Kindling
  8. Garden Mulch/Compost
  9. Give To A Vet’s Office Or Animal Shelter
  10. Packaging
  11. Paper Mache
  12. Recycle Into New Paper
  13. Seed Starters
  14. Sensory Bin
  15. Smoke Smell Absorption (With Perfume/Cologne)
  16. Stuffing


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