I did some ancestry research, and it turns out that I am a descendant of Daniel Featley.

Richard Fairclough (1582-?)

He was born in Charleton-uopon-Otmoor, Oxfordshire to the cook of the president of Magdelan College, Oxfora.

Daniel Featley (?-1645)

Featley was apparently a vulgarized spelling of his surname, which he adopted for the rest of his life.

Featley would become taught as a chorister at Magdelan College. He would later would earn a B.A. in 1601 after serving as a scholar in Corpus Christi College. Five years later, he would earn a M.A. He would continue his educational path until 1617 when he was appointed as a chaplain of Archbishop George Abbot and then as a rector of All Saints, Lambeth.

Since he was alive during the English Civil War, he was sympathetic to the crown, which resulted in the Parliamentarians imprisoning him in 1643. Although he was not treated harshly, when he was released two years later, he suffered a stroke, which resulted in his death at Chelsea College in 1645.

He was survived by his wife Joyce Holloway.


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