Greek: anakalypso: discovery


English: receptive: capable of receiving something


English: -ity: morphological shift from adjective to noun


noun. A state of discovering a previously unnoticed phenomenon that has occurred from the pattern recognition developed from a long period of time of application and implementation of any one activity.


“The biologist was in anacalypsoreceptivity when he discovered a strand of DNA after years of study and experience in the field.”


epiphany, eureka, aha moment


Based on my readings of such books as Bounce and Sensemaking, the underlying reason for major scientific and medical breakthroughs has to do with the fact that a long period of time was put into any field of study. It was noted that Albert Einstein discovered the Theory of Relativity while playing a violin, after years of scientific research.

Receptive was a key word used by Christian Madsbjerg when describing creative professionals and their discoveries, which was why it became a part of this neologism. It is an important word, because it shows the awareness that one has with one’s own surroundings, specifically society and how society is missing what the creative professional would know.

It would require protyposymbiosis in order to develop proficiency in any field of study or trade.

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