Greek: glosso: tongue


Greek: pseudo-: fake


Greek: -onym: name


noun. A pseudonym used for the purposes of learning a non-native language.


In order to truly immerse himself with the Spanish language, John chose the glossopseudonym Juan.


pseudonym, language name


I wanted to formulate a name that perfectly described the names that students choose in any language-speaking class that are based on the language’s culture. In Spanish classes, my Spanish names were Alberto and Roberto; while in French classes, my French name was Baptiste. When trying to learn languages, I always make it a point to come up with a name, or to develop one on my own. When learning Cornish, I try to use the glossopseudonym Michalangove Ynquerem (the former of which comes from Michael an Gof, while the surname means “emerald ink”).

Edit (4/25/2021): Originally, the word was glossonym, but it turns out that there already is a word for it, which means basically the name of a language.

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