Bordentown | The Educational And Royal Garden-Island Boardwalk

This is a town that has a unique 19th century history, which is worth going to for any traveling families.

What Makes This Town Without Compare?

New Jersey’s First Public School

Klotz, Jerrye and Roy MD. “CLARA BARTON SCHOOL IN BORDENTOWN HISTORIC DISTRICT.” Wikipedia. 20 January 2013. CC BY-SA 3.0.

It was the site of the first public school in New Jersey, which established in Bordentown. After studying pedagogy and teaching in the schools in Massachusetts, she relocated to New Jersey. It would be there that she would create New Jersey’s first public school in 1852 headed by a male principal.

Residency Of French Royalty

Bordentown was also the town that provided haven for Joseph Bonaparte, Napoleon’s older brother who was the king of Spain. After being exiled in 1815 after the Battle of Waterloo, Joseph came to the United States. He settled in Bordentown and had an estate built on a bluff that overlooked the Delaware River.

Point Breeze was filled with gardens, carriage trails, bridges, and tunnels for secretly transporting luxury goods sent through the docks. Joseph hoped that he would recreate his former home in Chateau de Mortefontaine.


It resides near Trenton and is along the coast of the Delaware River.


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