This name change occurred during the Crusades.

Barisan (?-change)

Nothing much is known about his life. It is speculated that he originated in northern Italy. He was apparently a knight of common birth who served the Count of Jaffa. He would later become Constable of Jaffa.

Barisan was made to guard the castle of Ibelin, which was an important castle for the Crusaders. It was built by King Fulk of Jerusalem on what is today the Israeli city of Yavneh. It was built to provide protection and provide attack to the Fatimids.

Barisan of Ibelin (change-1150)

Ibelin: after the Crusader transliteration of the Arab city Yibna

After quelling a rebellion, Barisan was given Ibelin castle and a name change as a reward for his services. It would be here that he would become ennobled, and his descendants provided a strategic buffer zone throughout the Crusades.

The Ibelin Castle remained an important post until the fall of the Kingdom of Jerusalem in 1187.


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