This book is about motivating the reader to think that they can develop in the best possible way through changes in thinking.

Jen Sincero

She is a #1 New York Times bestselling author who has done work as a motivation speaker.

Sincero relates a lot of her life events in this book in order to draw upon the essential truths that are found in life. This comes with her time in a punk rock band and in hiking.

How Does It Hold Up…?


As for Sincero’s view of the universe, it is quite absurd to think that the universe is inherently full of love. Just because anything can be possible in terms of dreams and ambitions, does not mean that the universe is beneficial. It only means that incremental steps would need to be taken in order to reach those goals. Sincero acknowledges this, but that does not make the universe loving, rather it is what it is by abiding by sets of laws of existence.

As such, Sincero employs a lot of discussion about meditation in terms of New Age mysticism. This is the means of connecting with the universe, which involves leaving the problems of the world in favor of the universe’s laws. It is for that reason why she was fascinated by Loincloth Man, who abandoned the messy complications of modern life and sought to live amongst nature itself.

Sincero also writes about affirmations that is meant to be for the reader. She goes so far as to suggest that they should be written on sticky notes and spread throughout the house. The reason for affirmations is because the reality that one projects is self-fulfilling. This, of course, is also referring to reality through one’s own lens rather than reality itself.

It also involves not letting ones life be lived in fear, since it can always hold oneself back.


What I found interesting was when Sincero mentioned relegating vital tasks to other people. This is definitely a common theme with the writers that I delved into thus far. Schamko suggests this type of system in order to focus solely on growing an online business, whereas Ferriss suggests the same in order to enjoy life more and to gain leverage.

However, there is a callback to Dotts, who writes in the same New Age language when it pertains to money. Of course, Sincero extends beyond just money and includes many other aspects of life.

From 6-Figure Bloggers, Tasha Agruso writes about how the book helped her overcome her limiting beliefs. Of course, there is another book by Jen Sincero which has the same name, except it deals more with finances. I do not know if this specific book applies to Agruso’s experience, but there is a lot of emphasis on mindset that Sincero writes about in this book.

Connecting To The Previous Book

As far as how this book relates to Profit First, there is not much to relate to finance. Although Sincero does write about the relationship with money, it is done through a generalized way. Of course, she does mention budgeting and thinking about the purpose of money, like Michalowicz.


As for her writing style, she does employ the situations that any person might come across in order to demonstrate her points. This can be effective, since a reader could easily relate to what she has to say.

Of course, she does use words associated with the New Age, like manifest.


There is obviously going to be a lot of creativity in forming a relationship with the universe. Sincero makes the case that it involves looking inward rather than outward. This seems to be the most important–and only–point in this book.


Manifestation and vibrations really do not seem to translate well into a world that is deeply complicated and does not revolve around oneself. Whether the information in this book can lead to a successful life or more of the same, there is no guarantee that it would lead to a productive life.


There does not seem to be much that can be extracted from this book. Being a “bad-a” is ultimately subjective.

Inspiration To Myself

I have developed a weird literary appetite, since I really do not care about fluffy, flowery language and prefer more technical language. This would make me the exact opposite of a lot of people who might like Sincero’s way of writing.

I have mentioned previously that I was an atheopagan–and still am. However, my connection with the gods of the British isles is not a supernatural one, rather a symbolic and intellectual one. They are seen more as mind-archetypes when dealing with the problems of the world, which itself is uncaring and autonomous.


This book did not inspire me as much as the cover promises. At least this book offers a riveting story in comparison to Richard Dotts’ book.

Recommend This To…

  • Anyone searching for creativity, since this book seems more appropriate for that audience.


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