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Western Pimzarblan


Like the south, the west has tropical weather and climate, though the only difference being that the sandstorms do not impact the west whatsoever. Maybe, the warm winds from central Eindasquing might affect the climate in the west, but other than that, it would not be as prosperous as the south.


Since there is a savanna gap between the west and the south, it could be possible for tropically adapted animals to migrate to the west, however it would probably be the avian species or any species that has incredible speed.


Brian Voon Yee Yap. “Kalgoorlie The Big Pit DSC04498.” Wikipedia. CC BY-SA 3.0.

I want to get into more in-depth information about the capital city Umbsquodsenalsp, but for this case, I want to get into the basic information about it. Basically, it is a city built on a mine starting with Umbsquodsen Ksorezo I and ending with his great-grandson Ksumarndo I.


All of the flora that typically absorb sunlight would thrive on the outer rim of the city.

The flora that tend to grow underneath shadows would probably thrive at the bottom, where the marketplace is. You can probably find shrubs at the intermediate bottom.


A notable animal found throughout Umbsquodsenalsp is the wolf–specifically the descendants of the original wolves used by Ksorezo I as war engines. Because all of the descendants spent their whole lives in the city, they know every single corner and dark alleyway. This resulted in them converting from war engines to de facto guards. There are more war-wolves in the city than guards.

A notable creature, the kalidah, was introduced by the Ijen World-Empire. Although they were small in number, they would become an invasive species, decimating a lot of the herbivores. The Pimzarblan under Ksorezo I were able to curb the population.


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