Why I Am Starting “Dream-Writer’s Room O’ Trophies And Avocado Toasts”

Upon the ruling by the Supreme Court that the President does not have the authority to absolve any amount of student loan debt, I figured that I would take it upon myself to come up with a solution to the student loan debt crisis. To be honest, I was already thinking of doing a series like this, but I didn’t know how the Supreme Court would rule.

I decided to name this series Dream-Writer’s Room O’ Trophies And Avocado Toasts in order to discuss financial frugality and debt payments. I specifically chose the trophies and avocado toasts as symbols, since they were stereotypically associated with Millennials. As such, I decided to reappropriate them as a middle-finger salute to those who have negative stereotypes. I would hope they become symbols of Millennials as a financially savvy generation–including Generation Z.

Although this site is dedicated to worldbuilding, I want to specifically designate this series as financial frugality and debt payments when it specifically pertains to worldbuilders, since they have their own financial situations to deal with. It ranges from the standard frugality in their daily lives, but it also includes the finances needed to operate a publishing press if they wish. Worldbuilders may also need money to engage in research when it pertains to a specific field within the world.

Based on the playlists I compiled together, I decided that this series would be based on the following:

  • Budgeting
  • Passive Income
  • Publishing Frugality
  • Student Loan Debt Payoff

Of course, I would have to preface every article with a disclaimer similar to the ones about food and diet:

DISCLAIMER: What I am about to write about concerning finances, of which I am no expert. Instead, I rely on research for my claims which are not academically or clinically based and are always susceptible to change. Do not treat the following information as prognoses for any problem, rather as general informational purpose. If you are looking for an individualized diagnosis, please consult a professional.

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